Bayshore Marathon Training Recap - 13 Weeks Out, and a Big Week for Run Strong Project!

Lots to recap today!  We'll start with my training from the past week, which totaled 78 miles, including my first 20 mile run since November.  

Monday - 13 miles with 7 miles of progression (7:40 down to 6:40 - that last mile at 6:40 was hard!), 7:37 overall average pace per mile

Tuesday - 10 miles easy at 8:27 average pace

Wednesday - 12 miles with 4 x 6 minutes at 10K pace (6:31 average) with 3 minute recovery jogs

Thursday - 6 miles easy at 8:25 average pace

Friday - 9 miles easy with 8 x 20 second strides, 7:52 average pace

Saturday - my favorite - easy long run!  20 miles at 7:55 average pace

Sunday - 8 miles easy at 8:24 average pace

Strength Training 3 x 30-40  minute sessions

This coming weekend I have some faster running inserted into my long run, which always looks scary to me on paper.  Running some faster miles in my long  run has been key to increasing my speed, but I'll admit I don't love it.  So instead of thinking "I have to" when reflecting on this run I am auto correcting in my head to "I get to" to hopefully go in with a more positive mindset.  I'll let you know if that works!

This past week was also a huge week for Run Strong Project!  We appeared on our first podcast with the awesome Matt Chittim, host of the Rambling Runner podcast.  I will admit to being extremely nervous about this interview and probably spent at least two hours following the interview coming up with really profound things I wish I would have said!  Overall it was a really fun experience and we are thankful for the opportunity.  Matt asks really insightful questions.  Even if you don't listen to our episode I highly encourage you to check out his podcast!

Getting ready to go on the Rambling Runner podcast!

Getting ready to go on the Rambling Runner podcast!

This past Thursday Run Strong Project was featured on our local Fox station's Get Fit segment, and we were lucky enough to appear twice, the first time talking about what our business has to offer, and in the second segment we demonstrated some exercises beneficial to runners alongside one of our RSP clients.  It was a great way to talk about the importance of incorporating strength work into your training and why having a coach can help every runner.


And lastly, yesterday, Amy, my business partner, and I led a free Strength Training for Runners class at Gazelle Sports, our local running store.  The turnout was awesome and we had so much fun meeting some new runners and showing them some simple body weight exercises that can have a big impact.  


So between my big mileage week and the big week for our coaching business, I was pretty tired by Sunday evening but so happy on both fronts.  Onto a new week!