Bayshore Marathon Training Recap - 12 Weeks Out

This past Saturday was the 12 week mark until the Bayshore Marathon!  It sounds so far off but the time will go quickly now that spring is approaching, and that is always a busy time for my kids with all of their activities.  Last week I ran 77 miles.  I had one speedy run mid-week and some faster miles built into my long run on the weekend.  

  • Monday - 12 miles total with 16 x 200 meters hard, 200 meters easy
  • Tuesday - 7 easy miles at 8:27 average pace
  • Wednesday - 3 miles easy, 8 miles at marathon effort (6:54 pace), 3 miles easy
  • Thursday - 10 miles easy at 8:24 average pace
  • Friday - 8 miles easy at 7:48 average pace, ended the run with 8 x 20 second strides around 5:50 pace
  • Saturday - 4 miles easy, 10 miles steady with the goal of 7:00 to 7:15 pace (actual 7:07), 4 miles easy.  Those 10 faster miles were no walk in the park but I will say the the back half felt much more comfortable than the first half.  I am always so slow to warm up!  Maybe I should run another ultra!  ;) 
  • Sunday - 8 miles easy at 8:28 average pace

Strength training x 3, each session between 30 and 40 minutes

My mileage is bumping up a bit higher this week and I am looking forward to my 22 mile long run on Saturday.  Just a short post today because I already have another post planned for tomorrow that I am very excited about.  I'l leave you with a photo of my lovely pair of Brooks Launch 5 Run Lucky Edition.  They make me happy every time I look at them!