Bayshore Marathon Training - 7 Weeks Out

Last week's training was definitely my favorite week of the training cycle so far - 77 miles, all easy, in warm and humid weather.  We were on vacation last week so it sounded like a great opportunity for a break from intensity and to enjoy the weather and new sights.  If you have never been to Hilton Head, I highly recommend it!  The weather was gorgeous and the seafood was amazing!

  • Monday - 12 miles easy at 8:13 average pace per mile
  • Tuesday - 10 miles at 7:59 average pace ending with 8 x 20 second strides
  • Wednesday - 13 miles easy at 8:13 average pace
  • Thursday - off for tennis and biking!
  • Friday - 22 miles easy at 7:53 average pace.  This run felt so good!
  • Saturday - 8 miles easy at 8:18 average pace
  • Sunday - 12 miles easy at 7:58 average pace back in 20 degree temps
  • Three 30 minute strength training sessions, and one 30 minute yoga session
Enjoying my day off from running!

Enjoying my day off from running!

While in Hilton Head I got to try out the Koala Clip I purchased a few months ago.  It's a waterproof zip pouch and clips onto the inside of your sports bra.  For years I have used a Ziploc bag to hold my phone but the appeal of the Koala Clip is you don't need pockets in your shorts large enough to hold your phone.  Because the pouch is clipped onto the inside of your sports bra, it does not move around at all, and you forget all about it.  If you run with your phone (and I hope you do!!), this is a great option for carrying it.  Click here to order one yourself!



I came home from vacation with a virus, so today I am taking a complete rest day, and likely tomorrow as well.  I had planned on running less mileage this week because of a half marathon on Saturday, and I wanted to go into that race with fresh legs.  So this virus is helping me do just that!  I'm pretty confident I'll still be able to safely run this weekend.  Fingers crossed!  Nuun Hydration has a new Immunity line and I am drinking plenty of it this week to help me get back to normal.  It comes in two flavors, Orange Citrus and Blueberry Tangerine.

IMG_0856 (1).jpg

While I am resting this week I am going back and rereading some passages from the book pictured below - The Brave Athlete, by Simon Marshall and Lesley Patterson.  It was a quick and funny read but also contained some helpful strategies to help runners push through discomfort during a race.



Good luck to everyone running the Boston Marathon next week!  I am so excited for my tracking party and even more excited to go back in 2019!

Bayshore Marathon Training Recap - 12 Weeks Out

This past Saturday was the 12 week mark until the Bayshore Marathon!  It sounds so far off but the time will go quickly now that spring is approaching, and that is always a busy time for my kids with all of their activities.  Last week I ran 77 miles.  I had one speedy run mid-week and some faster miles built into my long run on the weekend.  

  • Monday - 12 miles total with 16 x 200 meters hard, 200 meters easy
  • Tuesday - 7 easy miles at 8:27 average pace
  • Wednesday - 3 miles easy, 8 miles at marathon effort (6:54 pace), 3 miles easy
  • Thursday - 10 miles easy at 8:24 average pace
  • Friday - 8 miles easy at 7:48 average pace, ended the run with 8 x 20 second strides around 5:50 pace
  • Saturday - 4 miles easy, 10 miles steady with the goal of 7:00 to 7:15 pace (actual 7:07), 4 miles easy.  Those 10 faster miles were no walk in the park but I will say the the back half felt much more comfortable than the first half.  I am always so slow to warm up!  Maybe I should run another ultra!  ;) 
  • Sunday - 8 miles easy at 8:28 average pace

Strength training x 3, each session between 30 and 40 minutes

My mileage is bumping up a bit higher this week and I am looking forward to my 22 mile long run on Saturday.  Just a short post today because I already have another post planned for tomorrow that I am very excited about.  I'l leave you with a photo of my lovely pair of Brooks Launch 5 Run Lucky Edition.  They make me happy every time I look at them!


Bayshore Marathon Training Weekly Recap - 15 and 14 Weeks Out

I'm already slacking on my weekly training recaps!  Having a sick child will do that to you.  So let's get back on track.  The week of February 5th I ran 72 miles. Below is a summary:

Monday - 12 miles, last 5 moderate effort (7:12 average pace for the moderate effort)

Tuesday - 11 miles easy, 8:24 average pace

Wednesday - off

Thursday - 4 miles easy, then from miles 4 to 11 I spent the first 2 minutes of each mile at 10K effort (around 6:30 pace).  Overall average pace for the run was 7:42

Friday - 10 miles easy with 8 x 20 second strides, 8:14 average pace

Saturday - 17 miles, last 3 miles at marathon effort (6:54 pace).  Overall average pace was 7:47.

Sunday - 10 miles easy, 8:27 average pace

Weekly strength training workouts - 3

Week of February 12th - 75 miles

Monday - 2.5 mile warm up, 4 x 5 minutes at 10K effort (around 6:30 pace), with 3 minute jog recoveries between.  3.5 mile cool down for a total of 10 miles

Tuesday - 6 miles easy, 6 miles moderate effort (7:14 average pace for the moderate effort)

Wednesday - 5 miles easy at 8:35 average pace

Thursday - 4 miles easy warm up, 2 x 15 minutes at half marathon effort (6:44 pace) with 1 minute jog recovery between sets, 3.5 mile easy cool down

Friday - 9 miles easy at 8:27 average pace with 8 x 20 second strides at the end

Saturday - a bit of a rough long run!  My stomach wasn't feeling it but I got it done - 18 miles with 30 second accelerations at the beginning of each mile from miles 6 - 17.  Overall average pace was 7:56.

Post long run struggle!

Post long run struggle!

Sunday - 9 easy miles at 8:27 average pace

Weekly strength training workouts - 3

Overall I'm happy with my training so far.  I'm very much looking forward to getting off the treadmill and back outside!  My first 20 miler is this weekend and it's also time to start thinking of a goal time for the half marathon I am running at the end of March.

Below is a picture of my current shoe rotation - the Brooks Launch 5, the Adidas Boston 6, and the Brooks Ghost 10.  All three shoes are great for easy runs.  I tend to run my harder efforts in either the Launch 5 or Boston 6, but last week used the Ghost 10 for a moderate pace run and was surprised how much I liked it!  Not pictured is the Adidas Adios, which I used for serious speed work and races.  Now that I have over 200 miles on my Launch 5's I feel qualified to do a review, so look for that soon.

From left to right:  Brooks Launch 5, Adidas Boston 6, Brooks Ghost 10

From left to right:  Brooks Launch 5, Adidas Boston 6, Brooks Ghost 10

For those of you who are local, Run Strong Project is hosting a FREE 45 minute Strength Training for Runners class this coming Sunday, February 25th, at 9:30 a.m.!  There are still a few spots remaining in the class, so please join us!


And finally, thank you to everyone who reached out to me regarding my previous post.  It means a lot that you took the time to read it.

Cupping Therapy - My New Love

First, thank you to all of you who sent emails, texts, and comments regarding my last post.  I am really, really glad I decided to share.  I discovered many of you hold the same disdain for running with a phone. There are two things I use to make this possible without too much annoyance.  The first is a Flip Belt, pictured below.  I have never had luck with running with anything around my waist for two reasons:  first, I believe it causes GI distress (for me).  Second, I feel like I can never get a secure fit and whatever I'm using bounces all over the place.  Not the case with the Flip Belt!  I can slide my phone, gels, whatever, into the belt and forget about it.



After my nerve wracking experience last week, I found a pretty sweet running bra from Lululemon (sorry, guys!) that has a pocket for your phone on the back of the bra!  I tried it today and loved it.



A few months ago I was discussing my perpetually cranky right hamstring/piriformis with a friend and she urged me to try her sports massage therapist who specializes in cupping.  Like many of you, when I think of cupping, I think of Michael Phelps and his odd bruises at the 2016 Olympics. Cupping is a treatment modality that is actually thousands of years old.  It is believed to alleviate pain, inflammation, and improve range of motion.  The suction created by the cups promotes blood flow to injured areas and loosens fascia.  

I decided I had nothing to lose.  I have tried physical therapy, ultrasound, and dry needling without much success.  (Side note - dry needling was amazing for my Achilles tendinitis!).  I admit I was a little nervous given the bruising I associated with the treatment.  

My massage therapist used a combination of deep tissue massage and cupping on my piriformis, hamstrings, calves, and feet during the one hour session.  I immediately noticed a difference - I could sit down without my piriformis screaming, and the range of motion in my hamstring was greatly improved. Did I bruise?  You bet.  However, I don't find the sessions painful at all.


My first session was in June.  Since then I have been getting treated every other week and cannot believe how much better I feel.  My therapist has encouraged me to try the cupping on myself but I'm not quite ready for that!  If you are, here is an interesting article.

Any other cupping fans out there?

A Few Things I'm Into Right Now . . .

I'm writing a different type of post today, something I'll probably do on the regular going forward. I love changing it up when it comes to my running, whether it's shoes, a new gadget, or reading things that could potentially make me better, faster, and/or stronger.  So here's a few new to me things I'm loving right now.

1.  Brooks Launch 4.  As you may have noticed from reading my blog, I have been a pretty hard core Hoka fan.  Lately, I have been straying (gasp!) from my beloved Hokas and introducing Saucony, Adidas, and Brooks shoes into my rotation.  I am really gravitating to these other shoes.  Who knows, maybe I'll swing back the other way in the future.  I picked up a pair of the Brooks Launch 4 about six weeks ago and am really liking this new update.  Lightweight but supportive.  I have about 100 miles on this pair and will definitely be getting another when these wear out.


2.  The Orb.  I mentioned this new addition to my arsenal of DIY therapy tools in my last post.  I don't know what it is about this particular item, but it has been a game changer for my perpetually cranky right hamstring!  Great for the calves and glutes, too.  For me, it's a step up on the pain scale from my foam roller, but I'm really seeing a difference.  

3.  The Endurance Diet, by Matt Fitzgerald.  I have not finished this book yet but plan to review it when I do.  I have read several of Fitzgerald's books and really like his style of writing. Thought provoking, straightforward information.  This new book focuses on five core habits to implement into your diet that will help you run and feel your best.  My favorite part so far? Nothing is off the table in terms of food choices - eat everything (some things more than others, of course!).  

4.  Garmin Forerunner 935.  I just started using this beauty over the weekend so I can't deliver a full review just yet.  So far, I'm in love.  I still have aspirations of doing a triathlon this year and this watch will come in handy for that endeavor.

So these are my Fantastic Four of the moment.  Let me know what you're loving!