Back at it

Hello!  As I slowly resume training, I resume the blog posts I have missed writing.  Three weeks have passed since Boston, and in terms of training they've been very uneventful.  Short, easy runs. My coach has been really instrumental in helping me embrace a true recovery.  This is by far the least amount of miles I have logged post marathon.  I will confess in the past I have jumped right back into high mileage.  I worried that a slow comeback this time around might make me crazy but in fact it's been the opposite.  I haven't missed the long runs or hard workouts yet.  

With this extra time, I've been really focused on the things I like to neglect when I am running a lot of miles.  Stretching, strength training, and core work are things that keep me injury free and this year I have been far better about my consistency, and the results are showing in the fact that 2017 has been my most niggle-free year to date.  Below is a picture of the newest addition to my arsenal of pain-inflicting gadgets.  This little gem can get into my hamstrings in a way my foam roller does not!  

Love The Orb!  And my guy photobombing in the upper left corner.  <3 

Love The Orb!  And my guy photobombing in the upper left corner.  <3 

I've had a few weeks to get past my disappointment about the warm weather in Boston and how it affected the outcome of my race.  I was tempted to sign up for my favorite marathon, the Bayshore Marathon, which is held the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, to get some redemption but that urge has subsided.  I actually did this after I ran Boston in 2014, another warm day.  The good news:  I ran a substantial PR at Bayshore that year.  The bad news:  five weeks after that second marathon I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my pelvis. Coincidence?  I don't think so, and I don't want to find out.  Older and wiser!

I have a few races on the calendar, the first being a 10k in late July.  This is very intimidating for me, because I struggle in these shorter race distances.  I don't have another gear beyond marathon or half marathon pace.  If you look at my predicted race times for a 5k or 10k race based on my marathon time, I fall WAY short of the mark.  But facing my fears will only make me a better runner, so I'm ready to jump in.  You can't improve without challenging your weaknesses.   Next week I start back with some actual work outs, and it will be nice to get the rust out!