Bayshore Marathon Recap, What's Next, and More

I'm back!  Lots of things to recap.  I hope you are sitting down!

First, the Bayshore Marathon on Saturday, May 26th.  As I discussed in my previous post, I decided to put my goal aside and run the marathon with friends. As I mentioned in an Instagram post, I was very indifferent leading up to race weekend and I was worried I'd feel the same way when I finished the race. Thankfully I was wrong!  It was a fun weekend and a much different experience than racing a marathon.  I didn't miss the stress of obsessing over my diet, my clothes, and the weather.  It was such an odd feeling to be at the start line with no butterflies.  It was a very warm and humid morning and temperatures continued to climb as the day went on.  In all honesty, for me to run a sub 3:00 marathon, all of the stars are going to have to align, and I'm certain the warm weather would have been difficult for me to manage.  I feel as if sustaining my knee injury back in April and the difficult weather conditions on race morning was the universe telling me I'm not ready just yet.  So I have to be patient and keep the faith my day will come.  

Back to the race - it was so much fun for me to be able to really take in the sights and crowds of my favorite marathon.  When I'm racing, I have blinders on, and running easy gave me a whole new appreciation of the Bayshore Marathon.   Due to the heat, the two friends that I ran with didn't meet their goal, but they ran strong races and we all crossed the finish line together.  


Finishing the race was exciting for me because running 26.2 miles is a long way no matter what pace you're running, and more importantly, it marked the beginning of a new training cycle and another shot at a marathon PR.  I am working with a coach again and am very excited to have someone else holding the reins of my training.  The weather at Bayshore was a reminder of how disappointing and PR derailing warm temps on race day can be.  As a result, I have decided to push my goal marathon back two weeks and run Indy Monumental on Saturday, November 3rd.  Previously I planned on running the Detroit Free Press Marathon, of which I am an ambassador.  Being an ambassador is an honor and a once in a lifetime opportunity, so this also impacted my decision.  I want to enjoy every second of that weekend and not be in race mode, so it makes perfect sense to run the half marathon in Detroit and make Indy my goal marathon.  I feel really confident and at peace with my decision.  I have run Indy three times and have PR'd twice, so I know the course well and where my difficult spots have been during the race.  

Last week myself and my friend and Run Strong Project business partner were featured on an episode of the Rambling Runner podcast.  We had the opportunity to discuss our personal and running backgrounds, our future goals, and of course, Run Strong Project.  Click here to listen on Apple Podcasts!  


Speaking of Run Strong Project, we have some new offerings that I am really excited about.  The first is private partner coaching.  This is a great option for someone who is wary of the cost of hiring a coach or who wants to train for a specific event with a friend.  You save money, still have unlimited communication access to your coach, and if you and your friend are at differing levels of fitness, your schedule is specific to your ability.  

The second new offering is a one hour run and strength consult.  Amy and I spend an hour evaluating your running and strength training form, answering training questions, helping you choose a race goal, etc.  You also receive a set of run specific strength exercises designed to keep you injury free. 


As I mentioned earlier, I am an ambassador for the Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon.  Next week, on Tuesday, June 12th, I am co-hosting a meetup at Gazelle Sports Birmingham.  New Balance will be there for shoe demos, we'll run a 5k, then head to Dick O'Dow's for post run refreshments.  And of course, we'll be talking all things Detroit Marathon!  Hope you can join us.  If you haven't yet signed up for one of the weekend's race events and plan on doing so, use the code Sararocks2018 for 10% off!



Happy Global Running Day!

Bayshore Marathon Training Recap - 13 Weeks Out, and a Big Week for Run Strong Project!

Lots to recap today!  We'll start with my training from the past week, which totaled 78 miles, including my first 20 mile run since November.  

Monday - 13 miles with 7 miles of progression (7:40 down to 6:40 - that last mile at 6:40 was hard!), 7:37 overall average pace per mile

Tuesday - 10 miles easy at 8:27 average pace

Wednesday - 12 miles with 4 x 6 minutes at 10K pace (6:31 average) with 3 minute recovery jogs

Thursday - 6 miles easy at 8:25 average pace

Friday - 9 miles easy with 8 x 20 second strides, 7:52 average pace

Saturday - my favorite - easy long run!  20 miles at 7:55 average pace

Sunday - 8 miles easy at 8:24 average pace

Strength Training 3 x 30-40  minute sessions

This coming weekend I have some faster running inserted into my long run, which always looks scary to me on paper.  Running some faster miles in my long  run has been key to increasing my speed, but I'll admit I don't love it.  So instead of thinking "I have to" when reflecting on this run I am auto correcting in my head to "I get to" to hopefully go in with a more positive mindset.  I'll let you know if that works!

This past week was also a huge week for Run Strong Project!  We appeared on our first podcast with the awesome Matt Chittim, host of the Rambling Runner podcast.  I will admit to being extremely nervous about this interview and probably spent at least two hours following the interview coming up with really profound things I wish I would have said!  Overall it was a really fun experience and we are thankful for the opportunity.  Matt asks really insightful questions.  Even if you don't listen to our episode I highly encourage you to check out his podcast!

Getting ready to go on the Rambling Runner podcast!

Getting ready to go on the Rambling Runner podcast!

This past Thursday Run Strong Project was featured on our local Fox station's Get Fit segment, and we were lucky enough to appear twice, the first time talking about what our business has to offer, and in the second segment we demonstrated some exercises beneficial to runners alongside one of our RSP clients.  It was a great way to talk about the importance of incorporating strength work into your training and why having a coach can help every runner.


And lastly, yesterday, Amy, my business partner, and I led a free Strength Training for Runners class at Gazelle Sports, our local running store.  The turnout was awesome and we had so much fun meeting some new runners and showing them some simple body weight exercises that can have a big impact.  


So between my big mileage week and the big week for our coaching business, I was pretty tired by Sunday evening but so happy on both fronts.  Onto a new week!